A young woman returns home one day to find that a childhood friend, she once lost, is back to play games with her. Ria, loves her best friend and they have many memories together. But Ria can’t come out to play, because her Mama said so.

Chhutti Aar Picnic – IMDB


  • Nominations
  • Festivals entered:
  • London filmmaker festival of world cinema
  • Tenerife international film festival
  • Madrid international film festival
  1. Best foreign language feature film
  2. Best feature film
  3. Best cinematography
  4. Best director
  5. Best actor
  6. Best supporting actor
  7. Best actress
  • Won :
  1. Best cinematography ( Madrid international film festival, Columbia gorge international film festival)
  2. Best actor ( London filmmaker festival of world cinema)
  3. Best foreign language feature film in Mexico international film festival
  • Entered into Oscar run in India for the academy awards for 2016.


  • Date : April 18, 2014
  • Tags : COMPLETED