Sandcastle is the story of Sheila, a home-maker, an aspiring writer and loving mother. From an outsiders perspective it would seem like she has the perfect life. Husband being an advertising maverick, she is part of the elite upper middle class of Indian society. An adorable daughter and supportive family by her side complete her perfect life. But like the shifting of the sands, is it all slipping through her fingers? How will she build her own dreams? In all that she has, does she really have a voice of her own?

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Tenerife International Film Festival
Won: Best Cinematography (Ritam Banerjee)
Nominated: Sandcastle – Best Cinematography, Best Supporting Actor, Best Female Lead, Best Feature Film

London International Film Festival
Nominated: Best Foreign Language Feature, Best Director of a Foreign Language Feature, Best Original Story, Best Cinematography

LA Femme International Feature:
Official Selection

Madrid International Film Festival
Nominated: Best Story, Best Foreign Language Feature Film

Mexico International Film Festival
Won: 2015 Bronze Palm Award – First Time Filmmaker

Entered into Oscar run in India for 2015 Academy awards


  • Date : September 10, 2012
  • Tags : COMPLETED